Small Groups

God's rescue comes through relationship


Why Small Groups?

We believe Small Groups will be the life blood of our church. Our goal is to make this relational ministry the vehicle to drive discipleship.

More Than Sunday

We believe that God created us to live in relationship with other people. That's far more than one hour every Sunday.


Created for Relationships

We cannot truly change and grow if we're just attending church, reading scripture, and praying on our own. It can't be "just me and Jesus".


Making the Church Small

We want to make Grace small by creating Small Groups where people can have deep relationships.

What if Grace was a church where more people were involved in Small Groups than attended weekend services?
Pastor Jarrod Jones

Have More Questions?

Still not sure about joining or hosting a group? We understand!

Connect with us by email, text, or phone. We'd love to help answer your questions you have!

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